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Justin has worked in horticulture for most of his life. His lifelong dream to plant and tend to his own vineyard came to fruition over 10 years ago. He spends all seven days a week in the vines, making decisions solely based on what is best for their health and longevity. With a thirst for knowledge, Justin has learnt from leading viticulturists in the Adelaide Hills over many years. Healthy vines, organic practices, low yields= highest quality. That’s the goal. With future plantings of Chardonnay and Gamay in the near future, there is great excitement to show why this region is so renowned. The established Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc vineyard now also hosts a more recently planted block consisting of four different Pinot Noir clones (Abel, 115, 667, D5V12), planted at a higher density. Creating an expansive clonal variation to produce a multifaceted and wholistic wine.

Harry on the other hand, from growing up in and around the vineyard, was quickly introduced to the vine and wine world. He knew from a young age it was his ambition to become a winemaker. Harry was lucky enough to be introduced to all things wine by the late and truly great Taras Ochota of Ochota Barrels, and is currently working with the Pinot masters Stephen George and Liam Van Pelt of Ashton Hills Vineyard. In the past Harry has also worked with Louis Schofield of Worlds Apart Wines, along with the constant support and helping hand of Alex Trescowthick currently of Red Heads, Tresco Wine and previously a Nepenthe Head Winemaker. Harry’s obsession with Burgundy has inspired him to make wines that not only speak of place and are unique to the Piccadilly Valley, but wine of the highest quality with upmost perfectionism and age ability in mind. 

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